Itchy and Scratchy…

This month we want to raise awareness of potential allergens which can make our pets itchy. If you’ve ever had an itchy insect bite, you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be. Itchy skin in our pets is often caused by bites from fleas, but other sources of irritation can also have our pets scratching away.

Allergens in the home

Around the home, the most likely cause of irritation is house dust mites. Our pets usually do more to make our homes dirty than anything else, but it pays to keep on top of the dusting and vacuuming! The cleaner the environment in which our pets lives, the less likely there are to be allergens present. 

Another source of irritation for our pets in the home can come from biological washing powders and fabric softeners. It’s always a good idea to wash pet bedding regularly, but biological cleaners can sometimes lead to skin irritation – even if your pet hasn’t experienced any problems in the past.

Allergens in the outdoors

Outside of the house there are also a few allergens to keep an eye out for – though many you won’t be able to see! If you suffer from hayfever you’ll know the effect pollen has on you. Our pets can sometimes react to pollen too – though hayfever in pets is usually more likely to cause itching and skin irritation than sneezing and a runny nose. Grass pollen is a particularly common cause of skin reactions in pets, which means allergies are more likely to be seen in spring and summer than at other times of year.

Remember that fleas can also make other allergies worse, so keeping your pet’s flea treatment up to date year round is really important. If your pet is showing signs of itching and irritation, you should get this checked out. Working with us to find the cause of the problem is often the place to start, and there are plenty of treatments available to help your pets stay itch free all year round. 

This month we’re offering FREE Skin Checks with our Registered Nursing Team so get in touch if we can help.