Long-term Care and Medications

We know that it can be difficult when your pet is diagnosed with a long-term health condition. Fortunately, we’re here to help you keep on top of your pet’s long-term care.

It’s hugely important to the team at Roborough Vets that we help you care for your pets in the event that they’re diagnosed with a long-term health condition. There’s plenty we can do to help you and your pets manage ongoing health issues and we can ensure your pets have the best quality of life possible after diagnosis. We have therefore established an after-care protocol for patients with long standing disease conditions.

If your pet is on a long-term medication for a chronic condition we recommend once a year to bring them in for a Prescription Health Check and a blood test.

All long-term medications can have potential side effects on bodily systems, in particular some medications are metabolised through the liver and kidneys. To help put your minds at rest this blood test will check the white and red blood cell count, glucose and protein as well as the function of the kidneys and liver. Checking these parameters can help us to detect conditions such as liver and kidney disease and cancers much earlier.

The Prescription Health Check also gives us a chance to check your pet’s weight, ensure the correct dose is still being given and that they aren’t having any negative side effects.

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  • Once correctly diagnosed, patients with conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, osteo-arthritis, skin conditions and thyroid disease can be expertly managed by one our veterinary nurses with support from Duncan.

  • We’ve introduced this initiative to help improve support for patients with long term conditions and we hope that you find our approach helpful and reassuring.

  • By working as a team, Duncan and our nurses  can provide a tailored approach to each individual patient.

  • Our aim is to improve ‘patient quality of life’ and to make managing the condition easier for you.

  • Long-term care consultations with our nurses will form an important part of how we support you and these will be held in addition to the variety of clinics already in place as part of our nurse consulting service.

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